TASC is a prevention program, providing early identification and assessment of school absences for children grades K-5. Through this program, children and families are given the opportunity to informally and voluntarily resolve chronic absenteeism without court involvement.

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How Does TASC Work?

The TASC process begins with a written complaint submitted to the Volunteers for Youth Justice’s TASC office. This complaint is submitted by the concerned Elementary school alleging that a child is truant based on having unexcused absences.

Once a referral is made to TASC, an intense screening is completed. Once accepted a truancy conference date will be set with the family members and TASC Officer. At this time, an intake investigation will be performed.

The intake investigation consists of gathering information from several sources including school personnel, school records, and interviews with the child and caregivers.

The TASC Truancy Officers will make recommendations in an effort to prevent continued truancy and will closely monitor the progress of the family while helping to resolve issues leading to the child’s truancy.

Should informal, voluntary intervention by TASC prove ineffective, the family may be referred to Court for hearing before a judge. If a hearing should happen, each and every member of the family shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court.

What Are The Advantages?

There are several advantages to participating in TASC. Children and families have the opportunity to access services that are targeted to properly address the underlying causes of what research has shown to be the #1 primary indicator of juvenile delinquency: TRUANCY. TASC acts as a referral network linking families to valuable resources within the community that adress areas of risks within the family. TASC gives children and families the opportunity to informally and voluntarily resolve legal misconduct without Court involvement.

The VYJ TASC K-5 Attendance Officers currently serve the following Caddo Parish Schools

Shannon Wyche
TASC Program Director

Office 318-929-8272 ext. 212
Cell 318-423-6942

Willena West
TASC Program Assistant

Office 318-929-8272 ext. 208

Brittany Luke

Broadmoor K-5th
Forest Hill
Ombudsman 3rd-5th
Southern Hills

Ronnie Brokenberry

Eden Gardens

Susan Conway

North Highlands
Shreve Island
South Highlands

Cierra Payne

Cherokee Park
Eighty-First Street
Pine Grove
Walnut Hill

Verdis Hays

JS Clark
North Caddo
Oak Park

Christina Washington

AC Steere
Sunset Acres

School Based Resource Center

Melissa Enis
Coordinator School Based TASC

Cell 318-572-3855


Donnie Bickham

Caddo Heights