Truancy has long been identified as an early warning sign of potential delinquent behavior, social isolation, and educational failure.  Several studies have concluded that lack of commitment to school is a risk factor for substance abuse, delinquency, teen pregnancy, and dropping out.  The effects of truancy are pervasive—the problem takes its toll not only on students, but also on schools and communities. A young man leaning on a fence.

Many truant youth, left unsupervised, become increasingly more ungovernable and/or become involved in delinquent behaviors and the members of the associated communities within Caddo Parish (including but not limited to the victim and their families, surrounding neighborhoods, local businesses, the juvenile court for Caddo Parish and local law enforcement) are directly and indirectly negatively impacted by these delinquent acts.

The Truancy Program was developed through collaboration among community service providers and key stakeholders and other community leaders to  maximize the efficencies of existing resources and provide effective responses to address the range of issues related to truancy.

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